Forgot your wallet passphrase? We can help

It can be very scary to forget your passphrase, however you have options. We have a two person team with years of experience helping retrieve forgotten passphrases in the bitcoin space. We have a 100% succses and we are proud of it!

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Without any information, it is generally impossible to find a passphrase.

Our proven approach is to work with the client to determine the most likely passwords and substrings, then use the algorithms we've developed over the years to brute force the true passphrase in a very targeted manner. This service should only be used for high value wallets as our server costs are quite high during the process. A minimum deposit of $1000 or equivalent BTC is required. This deposit will be refunded in the event we cannot crack the passphrase.

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We only charge if we can recover your coins

A minimum deposit charge of $1000 or 10% of the wallet value will be kept by us.

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Ready to start? We will need your wallet file and a list of possibilities. When we retreve the passphrase we will take our negotiated comission and then send the remaining coins to an address you provide. Please contact us for detailed instructions or to clarify how our process works! Good Luck!